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Cookie Beiner

2022 Event is hopefully *NOT *VIRTUAL* due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

DETAILS TO FOLLOW. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] No formal registration.  Gather up the family, pick your time of day and departure location and ski hut to hut enjoying cookies that you brought with you.  Along the way you will meet other club members and skiers doing the same and we hope you will take the opportunity to say hi, share a moment, and catch up (socially distanced, appropriately bubbled and all other pandemic rules being followed). Our annual event usually starts at P9 and has Fortune Lake, Keogan, Shilly Shally, Huron, Western turn-off and 'Red Tent' (corner of #1 and #40) as stops - recreate these or maybe even shoot for McKinstry or Mica corner to add some flare to your day! ... More

January is nigh

Dabbing at Renaud More

Grooming has started at our new Jackrabbit location

Grooming and the Chelsea Snow Park has begun. It is a really cool area.  This area is just beside the Meredith centre. More