Summer Biathlon Air Rifle Training

By coach’s invitation or approval, for experienced Bears who want to keep practicing shooting skills over the summer and stay fit while doing different activities: trail running, mountain biking, circuit training. Priority will be given to Polar (Racing) Bears athletes via coach’s invitation for this program but others can inquire. For more information contact:
8 Saturday sessions from 10 a.m. to noon, starting July 11th and ending August 29th.
Dates will be confirmed once the public health officials give the go ahead.
Cost: 150.00$

Physical distancing measures:
We will limit the group size to a maximum of 14 athletes.
Each athlete will be allocated a rifle for the summer season, athletes will use the same rifle for every practice.
Rifle fitting will need to be done by the athlete’s parent with supervision from coaches.
Athletes will be issued a mag and a bowl with pellets at every practice. They will only use these items and be responsible for filling their own mag.
Athletes will set-up and tear down their own shooting lane. They will be in charge of their mat, rifle rest if necessary and target box.
Target stands will be set-up and torn down by a coach or parent who will be responsible for disinfecting it before and after practice.
Athletes will need to disinfect their rifle, mag, bowl, rifle rest and target box at the beginning and end of every practice.
Shooting could occur in alternance between odd and even lanes if we need to respect the 2 meters rule.