Biathlon Racers (15+)

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The Biathlon Racers is geared to youth aged 15 and up as of December 31 of the year of registration. Athletes train 1x, or 2x per week with .22 rifles.  The program is designed to maximize the biathlete’s full potential so they’re able to compete provincially and nationally.  While dedication and hard work is required to realize one’s potential, the program strives to strike a balance between hard work and the individual’s own needs. Athletes can choose between one shooting practice per week (Group 1), or two shooting practices per week (Group 2; for competitive athletes in Youth and Junior aiming for national and international competitions.) *Note: Biathletes in Group 2 will occasionally shoot 3 times per week depending on their training plan requirements.*

Biathletes wishing to compete must also register for a Nordic ski program (usually Nordic Race with Chelsea Nordiq, or Nakkertok, Skinouk, Kanata Nordic, XC Ottawa, Sport Etude, XC Zone Natural Fitness Lab).

Please see our Summer Nordic Race & Biathlon. page for summer training.

All biathletes must first register with Biathlon Canada before registering with Chelsea Nordiq.  All new members must first register for a one on one “Chelsea Nordiq Biathlon Initiation” session. This session is 60 mins, cost is 50$ and can be scheduled based on the athlete and coach mutual availability.  All .22 athletes should select the category “Athlete: Senior Boy/Girl or older” and select the membership Division of the province of their primary residence and Chelsea Nordiq as the club. Keep your receipt. You will need the number to register for Chelsea Nordiq and for races. If you have any additional questions, contact the Program Coach.

The goals of the program are:

  1. Create a training and competitive environment where athletes are challenged physically and mentally, allowing them to be a better athlete and person which helps them to reach their goals at regional, provincial, national and world junior levels.
  2. Create a training environment where athletes are committed to constant technical improvement in both biathlon and cross country skiing.
  3. Create a training environment that is fun and inclusive and provides a social space where athletes want to be.
  4. Create a race support system where athletes are able to achieve their goals at the regional, provincial, national and world junior levels.
  5. Create a love and passion for outdoor physical fitness in all seasons while exploring Gatineau Park.

To accomplish these goals, athletes have specific training programs. Athletes train the full year in a number of different locations in Gatineau Park and coaches apply a variety of training methods to improve physical and technical abilities and enhance the social experience. Fall winter training is from September until the snow melts and national championships are finished in the spring. Spring summer training is from May to August.  The Chelsea Nordiq Gaetan Brosseau Range is in the Camp Fortune area of Gatineau Park.

There is a dedicated Biathlon coach for biathlon. The Biathlon Race program works very closely with Nordic Race program coaches to ensure a competitive, positive, & fun team dynamic.

They are supported by a number of volunteer coaches and organizers to make the program effective and efficient.

All Chelsea Nordiq coaches are dedicated coaches who work hard to create a positive and motivated team atmosphere. This program has already helped many athletes earn provincial, national and international medals. If you are ready to train hard and be positive, this program will help you achieve your goals in cross country skiing and biathlon.

  • What we do?
    The program is for athletes wanting to compete in biathlon at the regional, provincial and potentially national level.
  • Who can join?
    Women and men ages 15 – 99.
  • Where is the range?
    The Gaetan Brosseau Chelsea Nordiq range is at Camp Fortune (Ch. Dunlop, Chelsea, QC).
  • Practice times?
    Refer to our program description page for this year’s training schedule.
    Refer to our Masters description page for training schedule (2x per week at range).

    Please see the Nordic Race page for the practice times for the ski practices.

  • What are the costs?

    To participate in any program, each family must join Chelsea Nordiq.  The annual club membership fee covers the year – September through September.
    It is strongly recommended that biathletes wishing to compete also register for the Nordic Race ski program.
    To participate in a Chelsea Nordiq Biathlon program, athletes must join Biathlon Canada at a cost of approximately $80 for Biathlon Racers per season.

    Rifle Fee for .22 athletes using a club rifle: .22 athletes using a club rifle will pay a rifle maintenance fee for each session.
    Race Fees (Winter only):  Athletes participating in Coupe Québec races will pay approximately $50/race coaching fees, plus registration fees, hotel accommodation, meals, and transportation costs. These costs usually amount to several hundred dollars per weekend.

  • How to pay?
    Register and pay on-line starting in early September at PROGRAMS.
  • What equipment is provided?
    • .22 athletes using a club rifle will pay a rifle maintenance fee for each session.  This fee will range from ~$100 to $150 (depending on the rifle) for the Fall/Winter session.
    • Depending on the number of participants, air or .22 rifles may be shared.
      Both paper and metal targets.
    • Ammunition will be made available for purchase from the Program Coordinator to athletes who do not have a PAL.  Athletes with PALs are expected to purchase their own ammunition.
  • What equipment do I need to bring?


    • Running shoes
    • Sports clothes – no cotton
    • Gloves
    • Toque
    • Poles
    • Your own biathlon rifle (optional for beginners)


    If no snow:

    • running shoes

    If snow:

    • skate skis
    • boots
    • Sports clothes – no cotton
    • Gloves
    • Toque
    • Poles
    • Your own biathlon rifle (optional for beginners)

    Athletes are required to purchase their own ammunition. If athletes (or parents) do not possess a valid PAL they may purchase ammunition from the club at the going rate.

  • How do I find out about other events?
    Biathlon hosted races and Open Houses (where people can try biathlon) are posted on the Club’s Event page.
  • Other Fees and Licenses?
    Provincial registration (through Biathlon Canada) dues are required for biathletes. These are paid as part of the Biathlon Canada registration.

    Racing .22 Athletes and their accompanying parents must obtain a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) to transport a biathlon .22 rifle and ammunition.

    To obtain a Possession License you must take a firearms safety course.  Then you can complete the Application for a Possession Licence Under the Firearms Act:

    .22 athletes invited to compete in the USA must have a valid firearms import permit (valid for 12 months from date of issue).  To obtain a firearms import permit refer to the ATF Form 6NIA  permit application and instruction sheet.