Biathlon Racers (15+)

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The Biathlon Racers Program is geared to youth aged 15 and up as of December 31 of the year of registration. Depending on the program chosen (BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD) biathletes will shoot 2x, 3x or 4x per week with .22 rifles.  The three program levels are tailored to support athlete shooting progression in order to maximize their full potential and be able to succeed at the provincial (BRONZE), national (SILVER), and international level (GOLD).  While dedication and hard work is required to realize one’s potential, the Program strives to strike a balance between hard work and the biathlete’s own needs.

In addition to coach-led virtual dry-firing sessions, biathletes can choose between two live-fire practices on the range per week (BRONZE), three live-fire practices on the range per week (SILVER), or four live-fire practices on the range per week (GOLD). The BRONZE program is geared towards new .22 biathletes, returning athletes, and Masters who are looking for a standard biathlon program to help develop their shooting abilities and who are looking to compete at the local and provincial level (or not compete at all). The SILVER and GOLD programs are tailored to higher performing athletes (16 Yrs old+) who have set their goals to succeed at national and international levels.

Youth biathletes joining the Race program and expecting to compete must also register for a Nordic ski program (usually Nordic Race or Nordic Adventure with Chelsea Nordiq, or comparable programs with Nakkertok, Skinouk, or Kanata Nordic). While not required, new Masters biathletes are also encouraged to consider a Nordic ski program if they have never skied before (usually private lessons or Masters of Adventure with Chelsea Nordiq, or comparable programs with XC Ottawa, Sport Etude, XC Zone Natural Fitness Lab).

If you have any additional questions, contact the Program Director.

All biathletes must first register with Biathlon Canada before registering with Chelsea Nordiq.

The goals of the program are:

  1. Create a training and competitive environment where athletes are challenged physically and mentally, allowing them to be a better athlete and person which helps them to reach their goals at regional, provincial, national and world junior levels.
  2. Create a training environment where athletes are committed to constant technical improvement in both biathlon and cross country skiing.
  3. Create a training environment that is fun and inclusive and provides a social space where athletes want to be.
  4. Create a race support system where athletes are able to achieve their goals at the regional, provincial, national and international levels.
  5. Create a love and passion for outdoor physical fitness in all seasons while exploring Gatineau Park.

To accomplish these goals, athletes have specific training programs. Athletes train the full year in a number of different locations in Gatineau Park and coaches apply a variety of training methods to improve physical and technical abilities and enhance the social experience.

Fall/Winter training runs from September to March (when Nordic/Biathlon National Championships finish). From September to mid-December biathletes are working on shooting progression and skiing technique (land training/roller-skiing/skiing); from mid-December until end-March biathletes continue training while largely participating in Nordic and/or biathlon races most weekends. For biathletes not competing, the Club continues to provide regular weekly shooting training.

Spring/Summer training runs from May to August and is a period heavily focused on technical shooting progression and maintaining overall physical fitness (land training/roller-skiing).  Please see our Summer Nordic Race & Biathlon. page for summer training.

There are dedicated Biathlon coaches, including a Head Coach (Level 3 certified) and support coaches (including Level 1 and Level 4 certified). The Biathlon Race program is completely integrated with Chelsea Nordiq’s Nordic Race program to ensure a competitive, positive, & fun team dynamic. All our programs are supported by a number of volunteer coaches and organizers to make the program effective and efficient.

All Chelsea Nordiq coaches are dedicated to creating a positive and motivated team atmosphere. This program has already helped many athletes earn provincial, national and international medals. If you are ready to train hard and be positive, this program will help you achieve your goals in cross country skiing and biathlon.

The Chelsea Nordiq Gaetan Brosseau Range is in the Camp Fortune area of Gatineau Park.

Race Fees (Winter only): In addition to regular program fees, biathletes participating in Nordic and Biathlon races will expect to pay additional race fees of roughly 300$/race weekend. These additional fees cover transportation, accommodations, meals, and race fee costs. An additional race registration fees (+/-45$) will also need to be paid separately by the participants.