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COVID-19: All our programs depend on distancing ordinances in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We may also have to change program dates.  Read our COVID-19 policies BEFORE YOU REGISTER!  COVID-19

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All my life I have been anxious to see what lies on the other side of the hill, and at the same time I have never failed to enjoy the scenery along the way. - Jackrabbit Johannsen

There is nothing better than the fresh air and friendship (currently at 2 metres distance) that comes with being a part of Chelsea Nordiq.  Except perhaps the awesome skiing, adventuring, racing, touring, biathlon shooting, exploring, or training we do year round. We love to ski and be around all things skiing.  And we love to hang out with others with the same inclination. (currently at 2 metres distance where permissible by law)

Our club is volunteer run, community minded, and all about instilling a passion for skiing for life.  Whether you are an experienced racer, a dedicated ski tourer or new to the sport, we have programs to suit all ages and all abilities in both cross-country skiing and biathlon.  If you are interested in joining but might need some support, Chelsea Nordiq has an assistance program for qualified applicants.

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