Trip Planning: Sample Trip Sheet

For when there are races again and we have to organize road trips.

QC Cup #2 – January 19-21, 2018

Details for Mont-St-Bruno

Coaches: Katie, Moe and Sophie (skinouk)

Trip Coordinator: Carolyn Raab

Support & Wax: Lisa Willemse, Warren McElligott, Frederic Forge

Event details:  Refer to Quebec Cup website to download race notice –

Registration details:   The deadline for registration is CLOSED at midnight on January 16th. Registration is on Zone4:

Departure:   Friday – 8:30am  – Provigo parking lot & returning Sunday late afternoon.

Accommodation: Auberge Montagnard (439 Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC Mont-St-Hilaire), 17 rooms booked for the whole team.  Limited cooking space means we will have to be creative with meal preparation.  Athletes are asked to bring their own dishes (cup + plate + bowl) and utensils (fork, knife, spoon).

Race venue:  SEPAQ Parc National Mont-St-Bruno, 330, rang des 25 Est
Saint-Bruno (Québec)

Food:   Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast will be prepared and served at the Auberge.  Athletes will make their own lunches on Saturday and Sunday with groceries that will be provided. Everyone should bring a packed lunch with them for Friday and some cash for stopping on the return trip.

What to bring:

  • $12 for ski pass for Friday if you are a student 18+ with student card (17- are free) [Support crew: bring your SEPAQ card if you have one;  spectator parents: bring your SEPAQ membership card or pay $15]
  • Pack a lunch for the road; bring $ for food stop on the way home
  • PRINT OFF your Zone4 registration confirmation so you get access to the national park and don’t have to pay a day fee
  • EATING kit: mug, plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, dish cloth
  • Ski equipment (Skate & Classic Skis, Boots and Poles) 
  • Ski and warm-up clothing
  • Homework, Board game
  • Toiletries 

Travel Wax:  Swix LF 8 or toko lf red for both skate and classic  [What is travel wax?  This means applying a layer of glide wax to the glide areas of both sets of cross-country skis.  Do not scrape or brush.  This way the layer of wax protects the bases of your skis from getting scratched during transit.  Once at the race site, athletes will scrape and brush their skis before going to practise on the race course.

QC Cup #2 – January 19-21, 2018

Details for Mont-St-Bruno 

26 athletes + 7 support adults = 33 people

Breakfast example:

Porridge with berries

Bagels with almond butter and jam



Ham or bacon




1.25kg of oats (use slow cooker, mix 3 cups water(with some milk) to 1 cup oats; turn on LOW for 8hrs; leftovers can be reheated with new batch)

1 can maple syrup

2 dozen bagels, 2 sandwich loaves or 2 baguettes

1 jar jam, 1 jar almond butter [this is enough for both breakfasts]

1 box cereal [this is enough for both breakfasts]

2 bags frozen berries

2 tubs plain yogourt or 24 mini yogourts [this is enough for both breakfasts]

2 boxes clementines, 12 bananas, bag of apples

4 litres milk [this was enough for 1 full day]


Lunch example:




Dried fruit 

Granola bars, energy bars



1.5kg sliced sandwich meat

~4 sandwich loaves

~12 tortilla wraps

Medium jar mayonnaise [this is enough for both lunches]

Medium mustard [this is enough for both lunches]

500g sliced cheese

Brie (1 small) or boursin (1)

1 head of lettuce

5lb carrots [this is enough for both lunches]

Radishes, 4 cucumbers, Peppers, celery


Snack ideas:

Hummus and vegetables [2 tubs hummus + you can never have enough veg]

Pretzels, granolas bars, homemade cookies

Popcorn (12 puches is enough)

Cheeses (brie, boursin, goats cheese)


Fruit and dried fruit



Dinner example 1:


Chili (2 meat, 1 veg) – 3 full slow cookers is enough

Baguette with garlic butter

Grated cheese and sour cream

Cookies, Fruit and yogourt for sweet tooth




4-6 quart slow cookers full of chili brought from home was plenty

6 baguettes (athletes toasted them and made garlic bread)

One stick garlic butter

1 500ml tub of sour cream

600g grated cheese

4 cans lemonade


[leftover chili was used next day in sandwiches and fajitas; leftover baguettes was used in sandwiches]


Dinner example 2:

Fajitas (chicken or veg) with guacamole, red pepper, grated cheese, sour cream, salsa, lettuce

Cookies, yogourt for sweet tooth




6 roasted chickens (already cooked at grocery store)

60 tortillas

1 500ml tub sour cream

20 avocados for guacamole

1 large jar salsa

1 head lettuce

4 red peppers

600g shredded cheese

2 cans refried beans (for vegetarians)

Hot sauce or tex mex spice

4 cans lemonade


[leftover chicken and tortillas was used next day in sandwiches]


Quantities guide of what should be enough for the whole weekend:


8 litres of milk

2.5 kg oats

1 medium jar jam

1 medium jar almond butter

8 cans lemonade

8 litres orange juice

2 tubs sour cream

1 medium jar mayo

1 medium mustard

100 granola bars

1kg cheese slices

1 large wheel of brie

1 large goat cheese

2 boursin

4 large tubs hummus

1 large bag pretzels

Dried fruit (small bag raisins, small bag cranberries, no need for large quantities)

1 small box herbal tea

1 small box black tea

20 packs hot chocolate mix

1 normal jar pickles

12 pouches popcorn

  1. heads of lettuce

2 kg of cold cuts

2kg bacon (precooked at home)

Breads: 8 baguette+8 sandwich loaves+60 tortilla wraps fed all people over the 2 meals and 2 lunches

Fruits: 25 bananas+5 boxes clementines+3 bags apples+2lbs grapes+6 pints fresh berries was good for the whole weekend

Vegetables: 6 cucumbers+5lbs carrots+2 celery+8 red peppers+3 heads lettuce+3 bags radishes was good for whole weekend

NOTE: Check with previous organizers for the dry goods store/leftovers from previous trips!