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Cookie Beiner

mars 21, 2020


2019 le 21 mars…notez bien la date!


Not from Webster’s Dictionary (noun: cookie-bye-ner)  Definition – A blatant rip-off of the famed Norwegian race, the Birkebeiner, … or, less formally, an excuse to have fun!!!  In this version, athletes ski from hut to hut in Gatineau Park, collecting delicious cookies baked by Chelsea Nordiqvolunteers at each stop.  The objective is spring skiing fun. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend, and would be expected to accompany younger skiers.  To add to the festive feel, everyone is invited to wear a costume or some fun apparel.

Who should participate?Cookie Beiner pic

This event is targeted at skiers aged 4 to 13 from Chelsea Nordiq (including their parents and siblings) and regional skiers from NakkertokSkinouk, Kanata Racers and beyond!.

*** NOUVEAU ***!

Nouveau checkpoint au Lac Fortune pour motiver les petits!

We now offer a family rate of $35 for families of 4 or more


Saturday – MARCH 21, 2020   Check-in starts at 8:45am. Skiing starts at 9 am and the event ends at 1 pm.  Please register at zone4 .  

In order to participate, all skiers and participating parents must be registered and have signed a waiver during registration.  Chelsea Nordiq’s youth greatly appreciate your support from this fundraiser!

Skiers 13 years or older must have a Gatineau Park seasonal ski pass or purchase a day pass on-site (check Gatineau Park website for pricing).


Start and finish at parking lot P9 on Meech Lake Rd, Gatineau Park.  For location and driving directions, see the map.

Bad Weather?

Rain or shine; being out there on skis with your community and enjoying those cookies will be fun no matter what weather it is!

We’ll update this page by 7 am on the day of the event if the weather is really bad and requires for the Cookie Beiner to be cancelled…

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds in case of cancellation.

What to Bring?

Bring water (plenty of it!), a watch, skate or classic skis, your club uniform, fun costumes (or hats, wigs etc.), sunglasses and appropriate clothing. 

The Ski?
Parking is always tight.  The more carpooling the better… - The wise skier

Skiers will ski in groups with their friends or families. Maps and passports will be provided. Skiers decide how far they want to ski – it’s not a race.  Volunteers will be on the trail at the road crossing, key intersections and at the huts.   Parents need to accompany younger skiers or make arrangements for those needing supervision.

Checkpoints include Fortune Lake, Keogan, Shilly Shally, Huron, and Western huts, the Red Tent (at the intersection of trail #1 and #24), and the intersection of Wolf Trail and #1.

Skiers will not be allowed to continue past the intersection of trail #1 & #2 (entrance to Western) or past the Chelsea Nordiq Red Tent after 10:45 am.  This will ensure everyone gets back to P9 by 12:45 PM!

Axes too??!!
Segment Approximate km’s
From To KM’s One-Way Round-trip
P9 Lac Fortune 2.2 2.2 4.4
Lac Fortune Keogan 1.3 3.5 7.0
Keogan Shilly Shally 0.7 4.2 8.4
Shilly Shally Huron 1.1 5.3 10.6
Huron Western 3.0 8.3 16.6
Western Red Tent 2.8 11.1 22.2
Red Tent Wolf Trail 2.2 13.3 26.6



Date :
mars 21, 2020
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P9 Parking Lot


Chelsea Nordiq
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