Club logos

Official Club Colours:

Red, Black, White

Web versions of logos are PNG and JPEG.  Print versions are AI files with PDF equivalents so you can see what the AI file represents.  Posters, T-Shirts, Uniforms graphics designers will want to use AI files.

Colour notation

Black is pure black. In fact you might ask ‘How much more black could it be?’ And the answer is none. None more black.  RGB (0,0,0) or CMYK (0,0,0,1) or #000000

White is pure white. Possessed of a timeless elegance, I’m sure you’ll agree.  RGB (255,255,255) or CMYK (0,0,0,0) or #ffffff

Red. Never goes out of style, does it. Pantone 485-C or RGB R 225 G 38 B 28 or CMYK (0,83,88,12) or R 225 G38 B 28 or Hexadecimal: #e1261c

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