Uniforms 2019-2020

[En Francais?  Traduction en cours...] For 2019-2020, we have a new supplier and new gear available.  Please know that you aren't being forced to buy anything nor do you need everything at once.  Here is a simple guide for gradually getting kitted out: As you or your family members starts their journey through the ... More

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

We’re really excited to announce that Chelsea Nordiq is an official Award Unit for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, the world’s leading youth achievement award.  If your child is in the 14-24 age bracket, he or she has the opportunity to participate in this global program, with support from Chelsea Nordiq.... More

Who were the Riders of Riders’ Roost?

Check out the Gatineau Valley Historic Society (GVHS) website (http://www.gvhs.ca/digital/gatineau-park/osc/1972-Program.pdf)  where you can find the answer to this question. Before the NCC, the Trail Riders of the Ottawa Ski Club maintained a 60 mile trail network between  the 4 lodges (Keogan, Huron, Western, ... More

Capital Development Team (CDT)

The Capital Development Team (CDT) is an all season program for both Cross Country Skiers and Biathletes that are in the Learn to Compete and Train to Compete stage of development. The objective of CDT is to offer training and racing opportunities to Junior and Senior men/women athletes and students who are looking at ... More

Inspiring to All

Alexandre Dupuis returns in one piece.  An amazing story of commitment and determination.  We can learn so much from this. More