Volunteering not only makes you feel good, but it has a direct and immediate impact on those around you.  It is one of the most fun ways to learn new skills while contributing.  And it doesn’t necessarily require ski expertise.  Want to be our webmaster?  Great!  Spend some time with our current webmaster and learn how to use WordPress and become a web pro.  Have dreams of operating a small Kibota?  Be one of our groomers.  Want to be a coach?  Attend a coaching course with other club coaches and learn how to inspire youth.

We have some of the lowest fees in the country because, every year, we have volunteers from across all programs of the club.  We make it easy because we have ‘owner’s manuals’ for most of the roles that have kept a history of what is needed!  This makes it very easy to fulfill your ‘mandatory volunteering’ that comes with various programs.  For the curious, you can read about our volunteer policy here.

Check out the list below so you can start to plan your volunteer hour contributions!  Thanks in advance.

Let’s keep this going!  Here are the opportunities – something for everyone on-snow and off:

For the doers:

  • Trails & Facility Committee [year-round]
    • race trails, range, Rider’s Roost
  • Sponsorship and Grant Writing Committee [year-round]
  • Translation [year-round]
  • Webmaster [year-round keeping site up to date]
  • iVolunteer jockey [year-round]
  • Grooming [winter]

For those who like to help with events:

All our events are set up in ivolunteer and come with ‘HOW TO’ notes to facilitate organizing.

  • Ski swap Coordinator [Oct-Nov]
  • Chelsea Sprint Race: Coordinator [Jan-Feb]
  • Cookie Beiner Coordinator [late Feb-early March]
  • Jamboree Coordinator [March]
  • Eastern Canadian Championship:  volunteering at the event and also part of Organizing Committee [monthly meetings Sept to Feb]
  • Nationals Championship:  volunteering at the event and also part of Organizing Committee [Sept to Feb]

For those who like to coach:

All our  programs regularly seek volunteer parent coaches.  We offer coach certification courses, through CCC, and have fantastic mentoring available from other volunteer parent coaches in addition to our professional coaching staff.

For those who are interested in specific programs

Chelsea Nordiq offers many different types of coach training and mentorship for volunteer coaches so you will always be prepared.

  • Jack Rabbit Coordinator for Saturday and Sunday. [Dec-Feb]
  • Program specific volunteering (special events, coaching, assisting) for all our programs [year-round]
    • volunteer in your children’s programs
    • volunteer in other programs

For those who are interested in steering club direction

  • 3 board positions – general director positions [year-round]

Questions?  Comments?  Reach out to us: I’m here to help!.

The club is overseen by a volunteer board of directors who meet once a month and always welcome members attending and contributing so you can learn more firsthand.  Go to our contact page and get in touch!