Strategic Vision and Planning

The Board of Directors of Chelsea Nordiq is pleased to invite you to review and comment on, and ideally, become an active participant in the implementation of the draft Chelsea Nordiq Strategic Framework.

Click here to view a copy of the most recent strategic planning document.

We are calling this a ‘living strategic plan’ because we want to emphasize our desire to constantly solicit and incorporate the feedback of our community, so please take a moment to read it.  Don’t be shy – we made sure it fit on one page so it should only take you one minute to figure out exactly what Chelsea Nordiq’s vision, mission and strategic areas of focus will be for the coming years.  Please feel free to email our President at president @ with any immediate feedback or to let us know how you may be able to get involved.  We have a more detailed list of action items for our Board members to implement this living plan, and we would love your help to get these hands-on activities completed.