Membership and Fees

Since 2004 Chelsea Nordiq has been bringing together fans of cross-country skiing.  Whether you like recreational or adventure skiing, competitive Nordic racing, or biathlon, you can join Chelsea Nordiq’s  large membership and share their  passion for gliding on snow. Being a member of our club brings you into a fold of people of all ages who embrace the arrival of winter and love to be outside in any weather.   Variety of programs is what our members really appreciate.  There is something for everyone at any age and so families and friends all have a home in our club.  If you are interested in joining but might need some support, Chelsea Nordiq has an assistance program for qualified applicants.

To make it all happen, there are the necessary fees.

First, a bit about budgeting

As a volunteer-run, not-for-profit club we make every effort to keep membership fees and program costs as low as possible with a budget that is reasonable and always balanced

Club income comes from fees as well as a number of annual fundraising events  (for instance our annual Ski Swap, the Chelsea Sprints, and Cookie Beiner).  We also seek a variety of grants, and we receive sponsors donations.

Besides the cost of running the programs, the club has central club expenses such as  insurance, infrastructure, coaching development, bank fees and bookkeeping.

The board sets the overall budget and makes sure that the club income balances the program and central club expenses.  For any budget questions, please contact our Treasurer.

How does my club membership fee get used?

When you join Chelsea Nordiq, you will be asked to pay an annual membership fee (once per family).  This fee contributes to the central club’s operations and is used towards:

  • Club insurance
  • Club infrastructure (for instance, Chalet des Erables, Rider’s Roost, Biathlon Range, outdoor lighting)
  • Club events and community assistance (ie End of year celebrations, supporting cross-country outreach)
  • Coaching and coach development
  • Club administration

How do my program fees get used?

We have structured fees for each of the programs so they are affordable and fit within the norms of community-run cross-country clubs.  Program fees are used in part for central club expenses where the club membership fee only covers part of expense as well as going towards the programs as follows:

  • Each program is run by a combination of volunteer parent coordinators, volunteer coaches, and some paid coaching.  We follow Ski Canada recommendations for coach to athlete ratios for different ages and levels of competition.
  • All programs benefit from our head coach’s involvement either directly and in-person or behind the scenes by setting program training plans, monitoring progress, and ensuring programs are coordinated across the club.
  • Program fees help cover coaching costs, coach development and equipment for your specific program, infrastructure for Jackrabbits (Meredith Centre) and at our training and racing area at Chalet des Erables.
  • Program fees help us with investments to support the strategic vision of the club and to help build a better club for you! If you would like to read more about investments in recent years, you can find them in our year-end reports from the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions related to membership, fee structure or registration please contact us…..

To see a full list of our programs and associated fees, go to our Programs page.