Club History

Our biathlon program was founded in 1994 and the Cross Country ski programs began in 2003 with a group of enthusiastic parents and a handful of skiers.  The club has expanded rapidly, largely thanks to a very dedicated group of volunteers and partly because our activities are located in a vibrant natural environment in the Outaouais.  The club was incorporated in November 2004 and its membership has experienced a steady growth.

Chelsea Nordiq began as a small community club and to this day reflects the values that are important to its community in Chelsea: Volunteerism, Accessibility, and Respect for the Environment.  Much of Chelsea Nordiq’s coaching, planning and administering is accomplished by its tireless and dedicated volunteers, some of whom are former Olympic and international caliber athletes. The club continues to evolve and its membership continues to grow.  Today Chelsea Nordiq is one of the largest registered Nordic ski clubs in Quebec, and one of the largest in Canada.

Club Performance and Athlete Achievements

Our “regular” pattern of activities each year encompasses more than 30 sanctioned events/races locally, provincially, and nationally.  We have over 200 skiers that participate in these competitions and loppets.  We participate in regional training camps, provincial training camps, and national exchanges with other ski clubs.  We have a vibrant and active Adventure section of our club that meets weekly from September through end of snow season with tours and loppets.  We have young skiers and their parents learning to ski during the 8-10 weeks of our winter season.  Most importantly, our members ski for life.

  • As an example of a year’s worth of club doings, our 2015-206 season and all its activities and accomplishments are summarized here in the 2015-2016 Summary of Annual Report.
  • In 2013, the Chelsea Nordiq team was the largest team that the club had ever sent to Nationals. Chelsea Nordiq moved from the 46th ranked club in the country (2012) to the 16th ranked club (2013), based on its athlete’s results at Nationals. In 2013, a Chelsea Nordiq athlete ranked 1st in the country in the Juvenile Category. It takes a lot of support to get an athlete to this level and Chelsea Nordiq is very proud of this accomplishment.
  • The Nordic Race program saw an increase in success. Over the last 3 years Chelsea Nordiq athletes have won 9 National Level medals and 30 Quebec Cup medals. To place top ten Quebec is a difficult task as Quebec is the most competitive province in Canada. Many athletes who are top ten in Quebec are also top ten in Canada. In 2013, a contingent of more than 50 track-attack athletes, coaches and parents went to the Midget North American Championships event north of Montreal.
  • For a number of years now, Chelsea Nordiq has partnered with the Skinouk ski club and jointly organized an exchange with the Canmore Nordic ski club in Alberta. During this exchange, many of the racing rabbit skiers spend a week in early December in Canmore, Alberta getting some early skiing, experiencing the culture and the mountains of the west. In return, Chelsea hosts the Canmore Nordic Athletes for one week in March, where their athletes can experience our culture in the Outaouais and attend the Midget North American Championships. This exchange is creates a wonderful ski experience for racing rabbits and allows young athletes to build ski friendships in other parts of the country, which becomes very important once they start participating at National level events.
  • Chelsea Nordiq biathletes earned 24 national level and 122 provincial medals since 2011.
  • In 2014, the club sent its first paranordic athlete to the Para-Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia and had one member win a Silver medal at the 2014 World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships.