Jackrabbit Level 4 – Lessons 1 – 7

Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#1 Classic Technique


Activity Description/ Location Time
Warm Up


Flea Leaps: Skiers leap off snow, keeping their knees flexed when landing

One-Leg Pops: Skiers jump off snow from one ski to the other

5 min.
Review Skill

-Kick turn, 

-diagonal stride, 

-double poling, 

Kick turn 

On flat terrain skiers reach right arm backward to plant it on the outside of the left ski (both poles are here).  Skiers lift their right ski, perpendicular to the snow and place it parallel to the left ski but tip beside tail.  The left leg and arm follow around to bring the skis side by side tips and tails together.

Diagonal stride (long step)

Recovering foot returns beside or slightly in front of the gliding foot, upper body leans slightly forward, pole tips are always behind hands and point backwards, poles are used for propulsion, leg extends at hip and knee when foot leaves the snow

Double poling

Pole plantSkier is leaning slightly forward, hands are at shoulder level, elbows slightly bent

PushSkier is pushing by bending at the waist to horizontal position, elbows do not collapse arms extend and follow through

RecoveryArms and upper body recover at the same time, legs remain fairly straight throughout

Pole Drag drill -skiers drag their poles in the snow while recovering and plant them when they are beside their boots

20 min.
Game Shark and Squid: The shark has a feather duster and tries to tag skiers who pass from one side of the playing field to the other, once tagged the skiers stay in place and try to touch passing skiers make the playing field smaller to make it easier to catch skiers 10 min.
New Skill

-one-step double poling.

-one-step double poling (fluid action)

* Encourage fluid movements and good balance

One-step double pole

Weight on left ski, push off left ski transferring weight to right ski while bringing both hands forward for a double pole action. Skier starts double pole action while recovering their push foot to glide on both skis.

Fly-Glide drill 

1. Static: move through the motion of one-step double pole. “Fly” when hands come forward and leg extends back “Glide” when feet come together and pole push occurs. 

2. dynamic: start by double poling then one leg pushes off while hands are coming forward

15 min.
Ski and Snack


Ski Play

Ski –draw attention to terrain for specific techniques

Downhill Catch

Skiers try to touch the snow and lift their arms into the air while skiing down a slope. They progress to throwing a bean bag and catching it as they glide.  Then try having the coach throw a glove to them which they catch and throw back as they are gliding.


10 min.

Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#2 Skate


Activity Time
Warm Up Sideways Sumo Wrestling

Partners stand side by side facing opposite directions plant outside ski and roll ankle in to edge ski, partners lean shoulder to shoulder without outside ski slipping, can progress to lifting the inside ski off of the snow

5 min.
Review Skill

– free skate, 

-diagonal skate

Free skate (start without poles)

-Skier transfers weight from ski to ski

-Push is to the side 

-Opposite hand comes forward with each stride

Speed skater drill (free skate)

-Skiers keep right hand tucked behind their back and reach with left hand toward right ski, alternating with each stride

Add in poles-poles are held with pole tips pointing backwards

Diagonal skate –on a moderate slope

-Start with herringbone, add the glide

-Keep momentum while climbing hill

15 min.
New Skill

-one skate, 

-two skate

-parallel side slipping

One skate drill- in classic tracks on a slight downhill 

-Skier double poles while holding one ski slightly off of the snow *knee is bent and foot is forward of the other foot

-Skier double poles as many times as they can with one foot up and then changes

-Skier double poles with one foot up then puts the foot down in the track immediately after the pole plant shifting to lift the other foot continue switching feet

-Skier moves to skating track continue the drill

-Emphasize learning the timing

Two skate drill- POLE,STEP-GLIDE,STEP

-Start with weight on left ski, double POLE, STEP onto right ski, keep hands back and GLIDE, STEP back onto left ski hands come back up ready to repeat the cycle

Parallel side slipping-steep well packed slope

-skier stands in ready position, skis parallel and perpendicular to the fall line of the hill

-skis are edged on the uphill edge to keep the skis from sliding

-by moving knees and rolling ankles the skier is able to slip down the slope and roll back to stop

25 min.
Game Snowboard tag –skiers take off one ski and glide with ski-free foot on the ski (behind ski-foot).  When tagged skier becomes “it”. 15 min.
Ski and Snack 1h

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Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#3 Skate or Classic 


Activity Description Time
Warm Up


Sizzling snow

Skiers stay in one place and quickly step from ski to ski trying to have only one ski on the “burning” snow at one time

5 min.
Review Skill

-downhill tuck, 

-skate turn, 

-marathon skate

Downhill tuck – Static–upper body bent horizontal, 

-Poles held tightly under the arms hands in front

-Knees and ankles slightly bent

Hold your ice cream!

At the top of a straight, moderate slope 10 metres in length, skiers are in a downhill tuck position and have a snowball, (or a bean bag), balanced on top of their hands. Skiers tuck down the hill without dropping their ice cream.

Skate turn 

-Skier performs a double pole before the turn 

-As they recover their arms and upper body forward weight is transferred to the outside ski 

-The inside ski is pointed in the new direction 

-The skier edges and pushes off the outside ski transferring weight to the inside ski 

-Skis are then parallel and evenly weighted.

-Another double poling action completes the turn

Skate Gates: 2 pylons to double pole through, one pylon to turn beside and 2 pylons to double pole through

Marathon skate

-On a slight downhill slope or flat tracked section 

-Skier is in the tracks, poles in ready position, skier steps to skate position with right ski transferring weight to right ski and double poling at the same time then transferring weight back to left ski for the glide phase (poles are extended backwards when weight is fully on the right ski and arms are recovering while gliding on the left ski) repeat on same side then switch skate legs

15 min.
New Skill

– step turn

Step turn –skier makes a series of small step to the side while gliding to turn a corner 

–weight on heels, small quick steps

Gliding straight, skiers experiment with lifting toes to the top of their boots (putting weight on their heels)

Use the same skate gates to step turn through-sizzling snow between gates  

10 min.
Ski & Snack Ski to an interesting snack location and return to meeting point 1h 30 min.
Extra activity Statues 

-skiers ski around until leader calls “statue”

-skiers stop and hold whatever position they are in last person to move becomes the caller

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Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#4 Skate Technique


Activity Description Time
Warm Up Sideways Sumo Wrestling drill 5 min.
Review Skill

-free skate,

-one skate, 

-two skate

-step turn

Free skate –knee is slightly bent and over the toes before the push, upper body leans forward at the hips

Elbow to knee drill

-with each stride the skier attempts to twist and touch opposite elbow to opposite knee (encourages bent knees)

Punching drill -skier punches right hand toward left ski tip as they stride onto the left ski then left hand toward right ski (without poles, then with poles) 

Waiter –skier holds poles shafts with hands shoulder width apart and elbows tight to body.  Skier free skates with shoulder lined up with glide ski. Poles are kept level at all times (don’t spill the drinks!)

One skate drill- as in lesson 2

-remind skiers that one skate is symmetrical

Timing-as poles extend behind weight transfer is completed skier balances on this ski until poling action starts again and weight does not shift completely until the next pole extension.

Two skate – review POLE, STEP-GLIDE,STEP

Remind skiers that two skate is asymmetrical

Step turn- skier in low ready position (knees and ankles flexed, hands forward and low)

-weight on heels for the turn

20 min.
Game Free skate freeze tag – skiers free skate in play area. When tagged skiers balance on one foot while waiting to be thawed by other players who thaw them by touching or skiing under their leg or arm(switch legs if they can’t balance long enough) 10 min.
Ski and Snack

Ski Play/join another group

Ski, practicing skate skills, to an interesting snack location.

Soccer –challenge another group

–play with one ski, no goalies

1h 20 min.

10 min.

Extra activity Pursuit Tag –one skier starts skiing around a loop, second skier tries to catch the first, when caught both skiers turn and race back to the starting point

Backwards partner push –two skiers face each other skier 1 uses push sticks to push skier 2 up a slight slope

Figure 8 relay –using cones set up 2 figure 8 courses. Divide group into two. At the signal skiers free skate around cones one at a time after everyone has gone once switch directions 

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Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#5 Classic Technique


Activity Description Time
Warm Up Pendulum swings – stand on one leg while swinging the other leg back and forth

Combo swing -when the skier stands on their left leg, the left arm swings in the same direction as the right leg and the right arm swings in the opposite direction (like walking)


1. skiers run in place on their skis starting slowly and gradually getting faster.  

2. walk on spot extending leg backwards

3. skiers balance on one leg with the other extended backwards –hold for 3 seconds –switch.

5 min.
Review Skill

-one-step double poling

Open scissors, closed scissors-the scissors are open when hands reach forward and one leg extends backward, they are closed when legs are together, body is bent at the waist and poles are extended backward (static practice first)

-skiers kick 3 times with left then 3 times with right 

-emphasize good balance

10 min.
Practice Skill

-diagonal stride, 

-double poling, 

-step turn, 

-parallel side slipping

Ski on rolling terrain finding good places to practice skills 20 min.

-one-step double poling

One-step double poling 

-Timing is correct, 

-balance is demonstrated at pole plant and at end of push phase, 

-action is fluid 

-pole tips are behind pole handles, poles planted shoulder width apart

-alternate legs and make it snappy

10 min.
Ski and Snack 1h
Ski Play Toe Lifts

Skiers glide down a slight slope lifting the tip of one ski by raising their toes then alternate sides. Where there are two sets of tracks close together skiers step from one set of tracks to the other as they are gliding down the slope.

Cops and Robbers –Coach is the cop and the skiers are the robbers.  Robbers are safe in their hideout (a marked area) for 5 seconds. If caught skier must go to prison (another marked area). Captured robbers can be set free by a free robber.

15 min.
Extra Activity Double Poling Relay– 2 teams –all skiers are in the tracks double poling, (one team per set of tracks), skier at the back of the group diagonal strides to the front of the group then steps in the tracks in front of their team and double poles

One-step double poling relay- same with one-step

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Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#6 Skate Technique


Activity Description Time
Warm Up Balance drill– free skate first then one skate

-on slight downhill slope skier attempts to glide as long on one ski as possible count strides for a marked distance and the skier tries to reduce their number

Ski Pops with Poles –skier stands on one ski, pushes with poles, bending knee to pop onto the other ski where they balance and repeat on the other side (can be done in place or moving forward)

5 min.
Review Skill

one skate, two skate, free skate.

Waiter –skier holds poles shafts with hands shoulder width apart and elbows tight to body.  Skier free skates with shoulder lined up with glide ski. Poles are kept level at all times (don’t spill the drinks!)

Partner Pushes– using push sticks (cut off hockey sticks 1-1.5m lengths with inner tube attaching the sticks at one end)  partner 1 stands with skis parallel, holding sticks with inner tube at waist, partner 2 stands in free skate position, holds the other end and free skates pushing partner 1 down the skate track. Then partners switch positions.  This can be done as a relay race.

Try two skate on flats and slight uphill section.

15 min.
Practice Skill

step turn, parallel side slipping

Ski to snack location finding hills to practice step turns and parallel side slipping 40 min.
Snack and Ski 1h     10 min.


Spud -Each skier is given a number. On “go” skiers scatter. Coach throws the potato (or ball) in the air and calls a number.  The skier with that number skis back to get the potato and yells “stop”.  Skiers must stop.  The skier with the potato takes three strides, stops and tosses the potato toward a skier.  If the thrower hits the skier, the skier gets a letter to spell “spud” or “ski”. If the thrower misses she or he gets a letter.  Thrower will be the next to call a number. 10 min.
Extra activity snowboard drill– skiers take one ski off and glide down the hill (gentle slope) placing boot on ski behind the boot attached to the ski –switch ski to other foot –skiers mark their distance and try to improve over several attempts

Scooter Freeze tag –skiers take off one ski. When tagged they balance on one ski.  Frozen skiers can be unfrozen by being touched by a free skier.

Quick thinking –skiers spread out and face the coach.  Coach points in different directions and the skiers move in that direction (forward, backward, left and right)


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Chelsea Nordiq 

Jackrabbit Level 4 Lesson#7 Skate Technique


Activity Description Time
Warm Up


Do a series of balance activities or favourite warm ups 5 min.
Evaluate Free skate

-skis in obvious “V”, knees bent and over the toes, upper body leaning forward at hips, swinging motion with the arms

One skate

-one arm push for each leg push

-completion of poling extension is synchronized with completion of the weight transfer

-arms recover during glide phase

-skier shows some balance during the glide phase

Two skate

-poling action occurs every second leg push

-pole tips planted slightly ahead of the bindings

-long poling push

15 min.
Evaluate Step turn

–series of small steps to the side

–weight on heels, 

-quick steps around the corner

Parallel side slipping

-skier stands in ready position, 

-skis parallel and perpendicular to the fall line 

-skis are edged on the uphill edge to keep the skis from sliding

-skier is able to slip 1 metre down the slope by changing the edging of their skis

10 min.
Game Crows and Cranes –divide group into two teams. Both teams (crows and cranes) scatter on the playing field. On the whistle they freeze where they are. The coach calls “crows” or “cranes” and the group called tries to tag the other group.  When tagged the player switches teams.  The coach signals for everyone to freeze and changes the group that is chasing.  Continue back and forth until all players are on one team. 10 min.
Ski and Snack 1h 15 min.
Ski Play Penny, Penny, who’s got the penny? –group is divided into two teams on one team a player is secretly given a penny. The team attempts to get to the other side of the playing field (or a hoop “castle”) without the penny carrying player being tagged. 10 min.


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