Congratulations to our Biathletes, Nordic Racers and their Coaches!

Congratulations on the fantastic results our club biathletes posted this past weekend at a key event, Val Cartier World Youth Trials/NorAm Cup #4.  Thanks to our coaches who play such an important hand in developing them.  It is no small feat in having a number of our athletes qualify for World Junior Championships!

There were also a number of athletes competing at US Nationals (Craftsbury, VT) and there, too, we saw new levels of high performance and personal bests.

In cross-country and biathlon competitions there are always so many variables to deal with at each race.  Athletes and coaches are constantly being challenged to adapt.  When everything comes together like it did last weekend, it is a testament to all the preparation and training that has happened in the weeks, months, and years before.  Go Chelsea Nordiq, go!