NORAMS – tradition continues

What a weekend we had!  Our intrepid organizer, Alison Amero, would describe it as a weekend of “resilience”.
She was happy to report that the beginning (leaving on time) and tubing and arriving home were on the actual plan.
The meat in between was anything but according to plan.  With those crazy cold days, the NORAMs weekend consisted of:
freezing cold temperatures (-34 without the wind), to indoor box jump competitions, to ski jumping at the race site, potato donuts, a little more skiing, stretching, skating on the canal, soccer in the gym, ball hockey in the gym to learning polish (girls room) to dancing, to learning about axe (boys room), eating pink tortilla wrapped food (yummy),  magic show with a very cute dog, unsure scheduling because of the freezing cold temperatures(-45 with windchill), the banquet, the bus moving us around,  Lixar buffs to keep us warm, the igloo to keep us warm to……one ski race on Monday (yippee).  And so you adjust to what happens with the weather, and in the end you have a blast regardless!
There is no such thing as bad weather.  Just bad equipment. - anonymous
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