Ski-at-School program

Your class. Skiing in Gatineau Park. With us teaching. What are you waiting for?

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The program is intended to provide cost-effective activities to introduce children aged 9-12 to the sport of cross-country skiing and is geared to serve one or two classes at a time. A typical class visit would last four hours and consist of, ski-drills, games and skill development and guided ski on trails. The class visits would take place during the week and during daytime to coincide with school schedules.

The main objectives of the program are to promote lifelong fitness through the sport of cross-country skiing. XC Skiing is a simple-to-learn, relatively inexpensive sport.  It has low risk of injury and many health benefits. We also want to create a love of the outdoors and introduce the beauty of the region to school groups. All of our instructors are certified with Cross Country Canada.



  • Schedule: *
    Arrival of class (10:00am)
    Equipment distribution
    2 hours of lessons, ski-skills, games and exercises from qualified instructors
    Time for lunch break indoors (12:00-12:30pm)
    1.5 hours of guided trail skiing (12:30pm-2:00pm)
    Departure of class* Schedule can be adapted to fit your school start and finish times.

What you get:

The Chelsea Nordiq Ski-School will provide skate skis with bindings, boots and
poles for a maximum of 40 children, plus a place to warm up and have lunch. The
student/teacher ratio will depend on class size, but will be no larger than 13
skiers to 1 instructor (max. 40 students and 3 coaches).

The participating school will:

Organize a class of between 25 and 35 children between 9 and 12 years
Provide for and pay for transportation to and from the program session location
Ensure children are dressed appropriately and bring a healthy lunch and
sufficient drinks.


For classes between 25 and 35 students, the cost is $17 per student. For smaller
classes a single fee can be negotiated.


The Chelsea Nordiq Ski-School Coordinator can be contacted at:


The Ski-at-School Program is based out of the Chelsea Meredith Centre.  Besides Alta Gas assisting with this program nationwide, we are very grateful to our local sponsors: